Pilgrimage for Animals, Trees and Mother Earth

Join us for a Pilgrimage to the Holy Mountain Holdstone Down, nr Combe Martin, North Devon

All welcome 

Sunday 29th July 2018       12 midday to 4.30pm

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Billions of animals suffer annually, and man’s lack of respect for animals and all life is holding up the dawning of the new age, where factory farms, slaughterhouses, meat eating, and vivisection laboratories, cannot possibly co-exist with new age spirituality. The Karmic repercussions of animal exploitation are immense.

Trees are dying en masse at an increasing speed due to pollution, endangering the whole ecosystem, and Mother Earth is being destroyed at an alarming rate. Three species (mainly animals) go extinct every hour!

We need to give back to nature to rebalance it. Animals, Trees, Nature Spirits, the Holy Mother Earth and all of Nature, continually give, and through the Law of Karma, they then receive. But man just takes, and destroys. Humans are the discordant instrument in the orchestra of Nature. We are not above or separate from Nature. We are all ONE.

Animals, Trees, and the Holy Mother Earth urgently need our love, help, healing, and protection, now, more than ever in our history, so please join us on this Pilgrimage.

Let us all unite and raise our vibrations through Meditation, Sacred Mantra (intoned at 528Hz), Music, Song, Drumming, and special channeled Prayers, and send out the dynamic energy that we call Love, to heal and protect all Nature. There will also be an Animal Blessing Service.

The presence of animals, who have their own spiritual mission to Earth of learning, teaching, and healing, upon this Planet, and a beautiful spiritual essence of love, which is continuous and unconditional, makes this a very special occasion. This is something really unique.

Schedule for the day
Option 1. Meet at the Top of Holdstone Down at Midday for prayers, blessings & other uplifting activities. There are 2 car parks near the top of Holdstone Down and there is a 20 minute climb from the car park to the top of the Hill. Bring All weather gear as the weather can change very quickly on Exmoor. This pilgrimage will be followed by a social & networking get together at Hunter’s Inn Parracombe – a dog friendly venue. 12midday -4.30pm includes the Pilgrimage and the Social.

Option 2. Meet on Combe Martin Beach 8.45am for a pilgrimage walk, with dogs, to the top of Holdstone Down, via the South West Coast Path. There is a car park overlooking Combe Martin main beach – Kiln Car Park. Do make arrangements with friends or post in the event to car share or to get a lift down to your car, after the pilgrimage social. There will be plenty of people driving back down to the village. This walk takes 2 and a half hours and is only suitable for able bodied & fit walkers and dogs. Bring all weather gear and wear walking boots, as the weather can change very quickly, and a bring a picnic, to eat at the top, tea flask, water, snacks etc. The walkers will join the others arriving by car, at the top at midday. This pilgrimage will be led by Katherine Armitage and other walk leaders.

Dogs must be on a lead en route due to sheep, and poo must be picked up please! Public toilets are at Kiln Car Park, near the beach, Combe Martin. There are no toilets on or near Holdstone Down!

The social & networking get together afterwards will be at the nearby

Hunters Inn – Parracombe, Heddon Valley, Exmoor, EX31 4PY – Dog friendly
Phone – 01598 763230        info@thehuntersinn.net

For further information please contact either

Chris Bell  chrissunlight@ymail.com

Katherine Armitage cranleighhouse.katherine@gmail.com

To help us manage numbers it would be helpful if you could complete and return the Booking Form to Chris Bell.  Thank you!

You can also join the event via Facebook – Facebook event details

We look forward to seeing you.

Download PDF with further information on Holdstone Down and surrounding area

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