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The route, facts, myths and magic



And did those feet in ancient time walk upon England’s mountains green?

Inspired by myths & facts about Jesus and Joseph of Arimathea and the sentiments of this wonderful poem, turned hymn, from the mystic poet & prophet William Blake, and reactivating the ancient paths that link to Glastonbury and the Camino Santiago pilgrimage routes in France and Northern Spain – Katherine Armitage and Stewart Johnston created the ‘Jesus and Joseph Camino’ walking from Combe Martin to Glastonbury in nine days in 2015.

From the coastal jewel of Exmoor – Holdstone Down, above Combe Martin, charged through Yogi Master George King, with powerful positive energies that can be tapped by mankind, via the Devon and Somerset Coast path, over the breath taking Quantock Hills, down through the ancient town of Bridgewater and across the flatlands to Glastonbury, Weary All Hill, the Tor and The Chalice Well Peace Garden, this walk is steeped in history, mystery and magic, which you will discover as you walk.

On this Camino you will be visiting and walking between sacred sites, many of which are rather neglected, for example Katherine’s Well on Bossington Hill, reenergising the old ways and paths and tapping into their power of healing. The old churches are often built on even older sites and on ley lines. The ‘altar’ was so called as it was built in a place of high energy which could take people to a higher or ‘altared’ state of consciousness. The churches and wells are the outcroppings of a deeper story.

You will be tuning into the energy of the land and the nature spirits, honouring their presence and the role they play in our lives, although this is largely forgotten in these times. You can pray, sing songs & make music along the way and of course enjoy some wild foraging and deep discussions too. Intending healing in this world of war & terrorism, this is a non-denominational pilgrimage of peace.

In this industrialised society, where we are all so often stuck behind computer screens and more connected to the internet than nature, this pilgrimage is taking people back to exploring the underlying energy that quantum physicists explain unites us with all that is.

People tend to think that big spiritual events happened in the past not realising that there are many amazing happenings, right now, in modern times, which we can be part of.

Cranleigh House, where Stewart and Katherine live in Combe Martin, was bought by a psychic and clairvoyant healer – Mary King – in the 1960’s and run as a healing centre. There, according to her story, a holy spring revealed itself, bubbling up through her basement, when this was uncovered it was discovered to be an ancient well, dating back to the time of the Phoenicians. One of the men who uncovered this well is still living in Combe Martin.  It has been stated that Joseph of Arimathea, a wealthy merchant,  and reputedly an official of mines for the Romans, great uncle of Jesus, came here with him and drank from this well which was part of the property that was the ‘weigh house’ of the Silver Mines in those times. Hence Cranleigh House is a start point of the Jesus & Joseph Camino.

At Glastonbury there is a well-documented tie with Joseph of Arimathea but there are many other places he is associated with, in the West Country, as well. Fascinating books tell of these times:    ‘Did our lord visit Britain?’ By Rev CC Dobson,  ‘Did the Virgin Mary live and die in England’ and ‘The Missing Years of Jesus by Dennis Price’ , ‘Jesus Comes Again’ by Rev George King.

These are reasons enough to get excited and to revisit some fascinating spiritually historic places including sites at Dunster,  Holdstone Down, (The Holy Mountain on Exmoor associated with Jesus channelling energy through the Yogi Master George King on 23rd July 1958 ), Sister’s Fountain (at County Gate), and St Agnes Fountain (Bossington Hill).

This pilgrimage aims to reenergise and reinvigorate people giving a greater connection to themselves and the healing & beauty of the natural world around us.


Route details to follow 🙂